Author Prophet Alberta M. Walker's new book 'Apostolic Intercessory Prayers' is a powerful tool for those seeking to have more powerful prayer in the name of Christ

Recent release "Apostolic Intercessory Prayers: Wisdom Revelation, Knowledge, Transformation 'Essential Prayers for The Times'" from Covenant Books author Prophet Alberta M. Walker explains how one can pray in the same powerful manner as the apostles did, as instructed by Jesus himself. Walker's writings provide the blueprint for a more commanding prayer to help topple enemies of God.

Prophet Alberta M. Walker, an ordained prophet and preacher of the gospel who, along with her husband, launched their personal ministry, Purposely Chosen Ministries, has completed her new book, "Apostolic Intercessory Prayers: Wisdom Revelation, Knowledge, Transformation 'Essential Prayers for The Times'": a transformative read that encourages praying in line with the ways the apostles did to create a more powerful connection with Jesus.

"Apostolic Intercessory Prayer is so vital because the intercessors relate to the way Jesus taught the disciples," writes Walker. "He nourished them and let them fly in building the kingdom. The Lord wants the intercessors to know that just because many of you have been hidden does not mean you are not coming to the forefront! He is preparing you for the world who needs to experience what happens when you are content with where He has you. But then, He allows you to fly and rely on Him as He moves you forward.

"Stay encouraged, apostolic intercessors, even though the fight and spiritual warfare through the many storms and winds, your prayers are especially important because you bring change from the Lord who called you out of obscurity!

"Apostolic intercessors, keep praying. It's about to go down, and there is absolutely nothing the enemy can do to hold you down. Your faithfulness has been proven, and there is a light shining bright within the heart of God! You see, the Lord is not concerned about His name. It has been proven repeatedly to be trustworthy, and He is a forgiving God! Just wait, your change is coming quick, fast, and in a hurry because what the Lord has put inside of you is now needed for kingdom advancement all over the world!"

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Prophet Alberta M. Walker's new book is an eye-opening manual in truly living in an apostolic way and remembering to utilize the teachings of Jesus in all one does, as the apostles did during their early days of ministry.

Readers can purchase "Apostolic Intercessory Prayers: Wisdom Revelation, Knowledge, Transformation 'Essential Prayers for The Times'" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Covenant Books